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2024 Honda Civic Type R Overview

What’s new

  • There will be no changes in 2024.
  • The 11th version of Civics will come out in 2022.

One of Honda’s best cars to date is the new Civic. The Civic was chosen as Invoice Pricing Top Rated Car for 2023 by our test team. This car has almost everything you could want in a small sedan or hatchback: a lot of space inside, good gas mileage, and almost all of Honda’s newest technology and driver-aid systems. There is even a powerful 315-horsepower Type R version for people who love driving.

We like that Honda makes the Civic in both a car and a hatchback style. As you might expect, the main difference between them is how much room they have for cargo. The car’s trunk usually holds 14.8 cubic feet of things. It’s big enough for a small car. If you choose the hatchback instead, the slightly bulbous shape and lift-up rear hatch will give you 24.5 cubes of room behind the back seats. It’s also easier to move big things in the back, thanks to the lift-up hatch. The extra space in the Civic hatchback makes up for the higher price compared to the sedan.

The 2024 Honda Civic is a great choice for a small car all around. It might be a good idea to look into a few other options, though. The affordable Kia Forte, the smart Mazda 3, the Hyundai Elantra, and the Toyota Corolla are some of the best cars we’ve seen. The Civic should be comfortable, work well, and be good in other ways.

What do they like to live with?

The Honda Civic was chosen as Invoice Pricing Top Rated Sedan for 2022 and added to our fleet of cars for a long-term study. For a year, we drove the Civic Si with the manual transmission for 20,000 miles to find out what we liked and didn’t like about one of our top picks. Check out all of our Honda Civic Si 2022 trips here.


  • The Civic is fun to drive because it handles so well.
  • More space for goods and better gas mileage.
  • A lot of technology tools that are easy to use.


  • There is a lot of noise coming from the roadway.
  • There is no back support in the front seat.
  • Sometimes, it can be annoying when safety features send false alerts.

How does the Civic move? We put the turbocharged engine in the Civic Touring car through its paces. We timed how long it took to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour on a course. This is faster than the norm for small cars in this class. It builds power quickly and consistently, but you never feel the need to floor it like you would with the old 2.0-liter engine, even though it is a little slow to start. When the Civic needs to speed up quickly, its continuously variable automatic transmission is fine-tuned to deliver smooth power and quick response.

The Civic is fun and gives you the courage to drive around turns because it is strong and sporty. Even though the tires are loud, they stop better than normal because they have a lot of grip on the road. Finally, this Civic is a pleasure to drive, which is what we’d expect from a car in this price range.

How much is the Civic taking it easy? The Civic’s suspension system does a good job of smoothing out bumps in the road. The car’s strong handling makes up for the fact that it doesn’t ride as smoothly as some other small cars. The front seats are firm, and the leather seats let air flow well when it’s hot outside. Folks with weak lower backs should know, though, that the seats don’t have lumbar support that can be adjusted.

The new climate control system is a big step up from the old one, and the cabin has a lot more vents than the old one did. Noise from the road can be heard at any speed, and it can be not very pleasant when the road is rough. Luckily, there is less wind noise, and the rest of the inside is well-built and doesn’t shake.

How is the state of the inside? The style of the cabin is nice. All of the controls are easy to get to and use. It’s also roomy; the back seats are big enough for average-sized adults, and the front seats can fit people of all heights. In the back, there is a lot of room for your legs and your head.

Narrow front roof pillars and side view mirrors placed on the doors make it easier to see what’s outside the car. The multi-angle rearview camera helps you see what’s behind you when you’re pulling out of a parking spot, even though the back window is a little low.

What is there to do with technology? You can keep your eyes on the road because the Civic’s touchscreen entertainment system is high up on the dash. It reacts quickly to what you do and has simple menus on the screen.

There is an optional combined navigation system that looks a bit old, but the map still works well. The screens in the lower trims were only 7 inches, but the screens in our Touring model were 9 inches. Most customers will definitely choose the built-in projects from their smartphones that come with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. In the Touring trim, these devices can connect to a wireless phone. You can link with a USB cable if you want to; we saw that it worked faster.

The new camera-based better driving aids from Honda work great most of the time. We did get false frontal crash alerts sometimes, and the lane maintaining aid misread faded lane signs, but these things didn’t happen very often. Adaptive cruise control does a great job of making driving in stop-and-go traffic easier, even though it sometimes stops a little too late.

How is the storage situation right now? The Civic sedan’s trunk can hold up to 14.8 cubic feet of things, which is more than other cars in its class. The Civic’s wheel wells and trunk hinges only take up a little room that can be used. There is little room in the pass-through between the trunk and the back seat, but the back seats can be folded down to make more room for goods.

One thing we really liked about the old Civic was how much smart storage space it had inside. With the 2017 Civic, Honda added more standard storage spaces, which we think of as a small cave. Still, the center armrest bin has a lot of storage room. There are also large cupholders and a rubberized charging pad on the front of the seat that keeps your phone from moving around while it’s charging.

If you have little kids, the Civic has three upper anchor points for front-facing child safety seats, and the main lower anchor points are placed in a good spot. Larger rear-facing baby carriers will make it less roomy for front passengers, but that’s also true for most cars in this class.

How well does the fuel work? The EPA says that the Civic Touring with the turbocharged engine can get 34 mpg in the city and on the highway. You can get 36 mpg on the EX, which is even better. In either case, the Civic gets three to four more miles per gallon than the cars that are closest to it. Our test car, a Civic Touring, got 33.4 mpg on our varied driving route. Based on what the EPA says, this could have been better, but it’s still a great result.

Is the Civic a good deal? The Honda Civic costs a little more than the Kia Forte and Toyota Corolla, but it’s worth every penny because it has better handling, better gas mileage, more features, and a much better interior. We were expecting a more expensive car like the Honda Accord to look much more stylish. The EX model has a more powerful and useful turbocharged engine, so it is highly suggested that you upgrade to it.

Honda’s warranty is still standard when compared to those of other companies. The company does, however, make good products that usually keep their value.

It’s hard to believe that this little Honda has so much power. This is especially true of how quickly it can be driven, which makes more eager drivers laugh. Usually, only high-performance models, like the Civic Si and Type R, can get these options.

The crowded look of the Civic’s predecessor has been replaced by a design that is more simple but smart. It gets rid of a lot of the extra stuff and fake vents to make the reading more nuanced, but it still allows for more interesting treatments.

For most people, the best value in the Civic lineup will be found in the midlevel EX (sedan) and EX-L (hatchback) trims. For not much more money, it comes with more basic equipment and has a more powerful engine that uses less gas.

Honda Civic Types

There are two body styles for the 2024 Honda Civic: car and hatchback. There are five different styles of the sedan: LX, Sport, EX, Touring, and Si. There is no Si version of the hatchback; instead, it comes in the same LX, Sport, EX-L, and Sport Touring trim levels. The most powerful model is the Type R.

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