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2024 Honda Civic Overview

What’s new:

  • The Civic may get a hybrid.
  • The 2022 Civics 11th edition may be tweaked in 2024.

The latest Civic from Honda is very outstanding. The Invoice Pricing test team named the Civic the best 2023 car. Honda’s latest driver assistance and technology are in this hatchback. It features a vast interior, decent performance, and practically everything a small car or hatchback needs. 2024 Civic: what is next? “Return of the Hybrid” would be the movie title.

Honda’s Civic Hybrid was a staple from the early 2000s to the second-generation Insight. The Insight was a Civic with new paint and styling. Its standard hybrid engine could get 52 mpg. Honda aims to revive the Civic and develop a hybrid after abandoning Insight.

Honda claims the 2024 Civic hybrid will be offered as a sedan or hatchback, providing owners an option between a trunk and extra practicality. Honda has not revealed much about the Civic hybrid, although it is expected to sport a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a hybrid drivetrain with 180 horsepower. Like the Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Prius, it should score 50 mpg on the city and highway.

The rest of the Civic range may receive little or no feature modifications. Keep the Type R and Type Si. The 2024 Honda Civic will be an excellent little car.

Live with them?

The Invoice Pricing Top Rated Sedan for 2022 is a Honda Civic we added to our fleet of long-term testers. To evaluate one of our top picks, we drove the Civic Si with a manual transmission for 20,000 miles and a year.


  • Fun to drive, the Civic turns fast.
  • Better gas mileage and luggage
  • Many simple tech gadgets


  • The freeway could be quieter.
  • Front seats lack back support.
  • Safety measures: False alarms can bother.

Civic movement: how? We examined the turbocharged Civic Touring. On our test track, 0-60 mph took 7.9 seconds. Faster than other little automobiles. Compared to the 2.0-liter engine, it seems sluggish off the line, but power builds up quickly and readily, so you never have to floor it. The Civic’s continuously variable automatic transmission provides smooth power and rapid acceleration.

However, the Civic’s strength and sportiness inspire confidence and excitement. Despite their noise, the tires have remarkable road grip, helping the car stop better than usual. Finally, this Civic is easy to drive, perfect for a budget car.

Honda Civic comfort? The Civic’s suspension absorbs bumps well. Its agility makes up for its less-comfortable ride. On hot days, front seat leather breathes and supports you. However, sensitive lower backs may dislike the non-adjustable lumbar support.

The cabin vents are large, and the temperature regulation is better than the former model. On terrible roads, traffic noise is bothersome at any speed. The room is still, and the breeze has stopped.

The interior? Nice cabin design. All buttons and settings are easily accessible. It is spacious. Tall and short individuals can sit comfortably in the front seats, while medium-sized persons can sit in the back. Heads and legs fit in the back.

Side-view mirrors on the doors and narrow roof beams in front improve visibility. The multi-angle camera allows you to see behind you when backing out of a parking spot despite the small back window.

Tech quality? The Civic’s tablet entertainment system is high on the dashboard so that you can see the road. It responds swiftly to typing and displays clear options.

The map works fine despite the optional built-in navigation system’s outdated images. Our Touring model has a 9-inch screen, while lower models offer 7-inch screens. However, most purchasers will likely use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay smartphone projections. Touring tools can remotely connect to your phone. You can click through USB. Joining this way was the fastest.

Honda’s camera-based driving aids usually perform well. Worn-out lane markers occasionally caused false frontal accident warnings and lane-keeping help. Adaptive cruise control reduces stress in stop-and-go traffic, even if it stops too late.

Are you storing things? The Civic sedan’s trunk is more significant than usual at 14.8 cubic feet. It is handy because the Civic’s wheel wells and trunk hinges hardly contact it. Even though the back seats may be pulled down to offer additional room for products, getting from the trunk to the back seat is tight.

We admired the old Civic’s ingenious storage space. Honda’s new Civic has too many standard storage compartments. The cupholders, armrest bin, and rubberized charging pad in front provide enough storage.

The Civic includes three top forward-facing child safety seat anchor points, and the primary lower anchor points are easy to reach for little children. Larger infant carriers that face backward take up a lot of space in front, but most cars in this market do.

Is it gas efficient? According to the EPA, turbocharged Civic Tourings earn 34 mpg on city and highway. Even better, the EX gets 36 mpg highway. The Civic outperforms its top competitors by 3–4 mpg in both categories. 33.4 mpg was our Civic Touring’s mixed-driving review route. This is fantastic, but the EPA statistics are lower than expected.

Is a Civic smart? The Honda Civic costs more than the Kia Forte and Toyota Corolla, but it has superior performance, gas mileage, amenities, and a more excellent cabin. It rivals the Honda Accord in luxury. We recommend the EX variant because of its turbocharged engine.

Honda’s warranty is average compared to others. However, its products retain worth.

Surprisingly fast, this small Honda. The car’s dynamic driving makes risk-taking entertaining. The Civic Si and Type R are typical high-performance automobiles.

The old Civic was cluttered, but the new Civic is elegant and uncomplicated. It removes most clutter and artificial vents for a more mature interpretation but leaves the potential for further intriguing treatments.

Honda has not announced the 2024 Civic. Based on last year’s Civic, the EX (sedan)/EX-L (hatchback) trim will be the most affordable. Changes will affect our advice. It costs slightly more than the base Sport but has more basic equipment and a more powerful, fuel-efficient engine.

Honda Civic model

Honda Civics will be hatchbacks and cars. Sedan trims include Sport, EX, Touring, and Si. The hatchback has three model levels: Sport, EX-L, and Sport Touring (no Si). A Type R version will be speedy.

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