2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Invoice Pricing

2021 Land Cruiser 4-Door SUV w/4WD. Powered by a 5.7L, 8 Cylinder, Gas Engine w/ Automatic Transmission.
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$85,665 $76,670 $1,365 $1,713 $76,322
2021 Land Cruiser Heritage Edition - 4-Door SUV w/4WD. Powered by a 5.7L, 8 Cylinder, Gas Engine w/ Automatic Transmission.
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$87,995 $78,756 $1,365 $1,760 $78,361


2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Overview

Off-road toughness and luxury are important to some drivers. They don’t have to with the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser. It also has well-earned notoriety for being dependable, thanks to its large size. The top-of-the-line Heritage Version now comes with the option of adding a third row, which is one of the few chances for the new model year. 

Magnetic Gray and Masterpiece Silver are the two new paint colours available for the vehicle. Alternatively, it will continue to offer the same level of authority, cosiness, and capability that motorists have come to expect into 2022.

For the 2020-21 Land Cruiser, there is only one engine combination available. The 5.7L V8 produces 381 hp as well as 401 lb-ft of engine power for drivers. Keep things moving smoothly by using an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Land Cruiser can tow up to 300 pounds with this powerful set-up.

When it comes to off-road prowess, the Land Cruiser really outshines the competition. Additionally, this vehicle comes equipped with crawl regulation and a terrain-select system, allowing drivers to traverse a wide range of terrains. Additionally, all models have tow hooks, skid plates, a lockable rear differential, a skew bar detach, and all-terrain tyres. There’s also the option of four-wheel drive.

There are only a few options available to buyers. They have a choice between the basic Land Cruiser and the Heritage Edition Land Cruiser. Most people will be happy with the base model because it has the same high-tech, high-safety, and high-performance features as the higher-end models.

So, what makes the Heritage Edition appealing? The Land Cruiser has only been around for 60 years, and this model honours that legacy. It transforms the SUV’s exterior with retro-style badges and black accents. Bronze tires and a large roof rack are also included. The third-row seat option makes this model more appealing to those that need a lot of room but also want a little bit of nostalgia.

The 2020-21 Toyota Range Rover is an excellent example of how to combine ruggedness and sophistication. There isn’t anything else like it on the market.

It’s not unusual for a luxury SUV to feature cutting-edge technology. At least in the Land Cruiser, a 9-inch touch screen and fourteen speakers are included as standard equipment. You can listen to both HD radio and satellite radio on this high-quality sound system. Although Android Auto and Apple CarPlay aren’t available in the Land Cruiser, it does have Bluetooth.

All Range Rover models come equipped with a mobile phone charging pad as standard equipment. The rear-seat media centre is one of the optional extras. Two takes full monitors, two sets of headsets, and a DVD player are included.

The three-row seating of the Land Cruiser makes it ideal for families on the go. In the first two rows, there is plenty of head and legroom, and kids should be able to sit comfortably in the back. There’s enough room here for eight people. The Heritage Edition, on the other hand, comes with two rows as standard.

The Land Cruiser has plenty of room for extra equipment. There are 8.6 cubic feet of storage space when all of the chairs are folded down. It has a 41.4 cubic-foot cargo area when the third row is removed. To make this possible, the back seats can be easily flipped to the side. The Land Cruiser’s maximum cargo capacity of 82.8 cubic feet is exactly in line with what you’d expect from a large luxury SUV of this size.

Only two Land Cruiser models are available, both of which have a plethora of luxurious interior options. Four-zone fully automated climate control is included in the standard model’s features. The second-row bench as well as the steering wheel are also heated. Leather upholstery can be found in every room. The seats and dashboard of the Heritage Edition have bronze accent stitching.

The Land Cruiser 2022 comes equipped with all of the most cutting-edge safety features available today. Front and rear parking sensors, as well as the surround-view camera system, make it simple to find a parking spot for your SUV. With features like fully automated high beams and cruise control, driving fatigue is reduced.

Using driver aids, the 2020-21 Land Cruiser ensures the safety of passengers and drivers alike. All models come standard with blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. Famous showcases like pedestrian detection, upwards warning, and automatic braking round out the standard driver aids.

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