Our Opinion - 2022 Toyota Corolla Review

Despite the Corolla’s popularity, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Despite its solid reputation for dependability and value, the Honda Civic is still a frequent point of comparison. In our comparison test, the Corolla sedan came in second place to the 2022 Civic despite its superior ride and handling. 

The Corolla’s underwhelming 1.8-liter base engine and tinny-sounding doors aren’t helping its cause. Additionally, the Civic’s interior space and ergonomics are superior to those of its rivals. In spite of this, the 2.0-liter update engine in the Corolla is adequate in terms of acceleration.

Attractive and competent, quick and smooth, the Corolla hatchback is a good compromise between price and performance. With a manual gearbox, the Corolla hatchback handled the twists and turns of steep roads with ease, and the tall shifter was a lot of fun to play with. Some unintended wheel spin occurred as a result of the clutch’s ambiguous feel.

Let’s not forget about the Corolla Combination, a small sedan that’s incredibly efficient. Its smooth power delivery and well-controlled ride instils a sense of confidence in the driver. A clean, uncluttered interior is complemented by a soft-touch dashboard. This model’s brakes can be a little spongy, and road & wind noise can be heard inside the cabin. New Pricing Interior package for only one Corolla Hybrid model should attract those who want a mildly more premium atmosphere.

Corollas are good cars, but they aren’t necessarily the best ones for you. Even though the Corolla Hybrid model isn’t perfect, it’s the most fuel-efficient in the lineup.

  • Corolla sedans are now painted in Ruby Flare Pearl instead of Barcelona Red Metallic.
  • Corolla sedans now come in Windchill Pearl instead of Blizzard Pearl paint.
  • The Corolla hatchback’s Supersonic Red paint has been replaced with Finish Line Red.
  • The Corolla hatchback’s USB ports have been upgraded from Category A to Type C to better accommodate future devices.
  • On the Corolla hatchback, the Special Edition package is no longer available.

The Corolla Hybrid’s Premium Interior Package features heated front seats, SofTex faux leather upholstery, a leather-wrapped driver’s seat, and power lumbar support for the driver’s seat.

If you’re thinking of compact sedans, the Toyota Corolla is probably the first thing that comes to mind. The well-liked vehicle is now also offered in hatchback and hybrid sedan body styles. Only a few tweaks are made to the Corolla for the 2022 design year.


  • On a good path to becoming a great vehicle.
  • Good gas mileage.
  • Safety equipment that is commonplace.


  • A base engine that lacks sufficient power.
  • Refinement is lacking.
  • In terms of performance, the Honda Civic is superior.

FWD is standard on all Corolla models. The 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine in the Corolla L, LE, & XLE sedans makes 139 horsepower and 126 pound-feet of torque. A CVT automatic transmission is used to transfer power. It took the Corolla XLE we evaluated with this engine just 10.2 seconds to get from zero to 60 mph.

The 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine in the Corolla SE & XSE sedans and hatchbacks produces 168-169 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque. A CVT automatic transmission is also available, but some vehicles come equipped with a 6 manual instead. Our Corolla hatchback with a manual transmission reached 60 mph in 7.3 seconds.

It shares its 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine and hybrid powertrain with the Prius, giving it a combined 121 horsepower.

The hybrid gets an impressive 53/52 mpg city/highway, making it the best choice for saving money on gas. At 31/40 mpg, the gas-only Corolla sedan’s 2.0-liter engine & automatic transmission set it apart from the rest. The SE Apex edition with a manual transmission achieves only 28/36 mpg. With the turbocharged engine and automatic transmission, the hatchback reaches 32/41 mpg, but drops to 28/36 fuel economy with a manual gearbox.

The NHTSA gave a 2022 Toyota Corolla station waggon & hatchback five stars for overall safety. Front and side collision tests received five stars, while the rollover test received four stars. As a result of their Good scores in all crash tests, the sedan and compact car were named a Top Safety Pick for 2021 by the IIHS. Depending on the trim, the headlights were rated either Acceptable or Marginal.

Automatic emergency decelerating with detection and tracking, lane departure warning with navigation assist, adaptive cruise, and automatic beams are all included as standard safety features on most vehicles.

The Civic sedan has more interior room than Corolla sedan, & our observations are corroborated by the data. The cargo area of the Corolla hatchback is quite large, but there are other small hatchbacks that have a larger cargo area.

Size Of Cargo Area:

  • 13.1 cubic feet of cargo space in the Toyota Corolla sedan for 2022.
  • Corolla hybrid displacement in 2022 model year: 13.1 cu ft.
  • Corolla hatchback: 17.8 sq ft for 2022 model year.
  • The 2022 Honda Civic station waggon has a total volume of 14.8 cubic feet.

First and Second Row Legroom:

  • 42.0/34.8 inches for the 2022 Toyota Corolla station wagon.
  • Hybrid Toyota Corolla in 2022: 42.0/34.8-inch body dimensions.
  • Toyota Corolla station waggon: 42.0/29.9 feet wide in length and width.
  • Nissan Sentra hatchback: 42.3/37.6 inches.

Both the sedan and the hatchback versions of the Corolla come standard with 8.0-inch touchscreens. It’s possible to connect your smartphone to your car via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on any model. Navigation and a JBL sound system are available as options.

We don’t see too many reasons to choose the Toyota Corolla over the Honda Civic, which offers a more refined driving experience and a more comfortable interior. There is one notable exception to this rule: the Civic Hybrid’s fuel economy is superior to that of the Civic. Because of this, we’re most likely to go with the hybrid option.

Despite the fact that it provides a smooth ride & powerful value, there are some disadvantages to this model, such as the fact that it is only accessible in one trim. (Check out our trim guide to learn more about what’s included in each Corolla model.) There is an alternative in the form of the fuel-efficient Insight from Honda.

Accompanying the SE and XSE models of the Corolla sedan is the Apex Edition, which adds sporty flair. The 2.0-liter 4 engine does not produce any more power, but the chassis is upgraded with specially synched shocks with intrinsic rebound springs instead. The modifications have resulted in a lower ride height compared to other Corolla sedans. 

When we took a test drive of the new model, we were underwhelmed by what we saw. The Corolla Notch does not outperform the standard Corolla in terms of performance, and the ride quality is so rough that it’s almost unbearable.

There’s no need to stress if you’re looking for a fast Toyota Corolla. A GR Corolla with all-wheel drive and the same turbocharged three-cylinder as the GR Yaris will be available soon.

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